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The Bar

We offer a variety of brews on tap and in the bottle. In addition to a full bar. Only one in town.

Rafter J BBQ and Cajun Eats's is a family owned restaurant. We slow smoke all our meats to juicy, tender perfection. That smoky, fall of the bone, Texas style greatness is something you'll keep coming back for and the Cajun food is so good you'll want to slap ya Mama.

Texas BBQ


Oysters, crawfish, and shrimp. You'll find them here. Grilled, fried, boiled or on a Po' Boy sandwich. Even Rustic Cajun Gumbo!

Our Specialties

Stuffed Taters

Extra large baked potatoes stuffed full of chopped BBQ.

Our Story

Texas BBQ 
Seasoned with our signature rub and smoked with Oak and Pecan 'till juicy and tender.

Rafter J started out in 1958 when Jack Stevens made the "Rafter J" brand for his cattle to represent his family under one roof (Their names all started with J). In 2004, Jeremiah Stevens opened Rafter J BBQ thinking it would be great to carry on the Rafter J brand, but the timing just wasn't right. In 2010, Jim and Jeremiah Stevens re-opened Rafter J BBQ and Cajun Eats. This time, it was right. Come on and try our excellent BBQ.